Keepp AS — a share company registered in Latvia, is the first security-token offering (STO) project listed on Fintelum tokenisation platform. The equity-token crowdfunding campaign aims to bring-in investors from Europe and beyond, offering an ability to invest in a euro-denominated security, using also cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether.

Keepp — a share company, registered in Latvia is announcing plans for equity crowdfunding campaign assisted by technology and compliance provider Fintelum. In the unprecedented fundraise, Keepp will be issuing a security token on the Ethereum blockchain, representing the share ownership.

The EU-based business Keepp aims to scale market-proven network…

Imagine yourself spending your bitcoin partying the Friday night in Paris, France and then the next day being lost for choice what to do in New York City, because there are close to 200 venues with an option to pay in cryptocurrencies.

Author: Liza Aizupiete
“Fintelum” Managing Director

Or, imagine…

As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has made a huge negative impact on people’s health, mental and financial state worldwide. One cannot possibly foresee the precise implications this crisis will entail, nor can anyone predict the time, when the world is up and fully running again.

As a fintech…

We are happy to share that Latvia has become an attractive jurisdiction to carry out security token offerings, thanks to the new prospectus exception amendment. As Fintelum team contributed towards these amendments, the CEO Liza Aizupiete comments:

In a bid to help startup and real-estate sectors access better funding options…

In a move that aligns with Latvian pro-investment and digital innovation sentiments, lawmakers have amended the country’s securities law (FITL), which could potentially benefit the STO industry at large. The adjustments made through the Latvian prospectus exception make it much easier for small and medium companies (SMEs) to raise capital…

By Joshua Stoner

A Global Perspective

With the year, and decade, coming to a close, we at thought it prudent to gauge industry sentiment as it stands. What is the current state of the digital securities sector? Is it better today than it was yesterday? …

Tokenisation is the second most important application for cryptocurrencies. Both utility tokens and security tokens offer a variety of benefits for issuers and investors. With security tokens, however, compliance is of importance. Find out the benefits and nuances of issuing blockchain-based financial instruments.

Thanks to OKEx for organising this event, as well as Bankera and MyWish Platform for new insights and productive discussions.

Originally published at on November 27, 2019.

Recent troubles in the Baltic & Nordic banking sector: how does that affect FinTech businesses?


10th annual Baltic M&A and Private Equity Forum event features FinTech discussion panel, moderated by Liza Aizupiete, Fintelum and participants:

Event organised by:

Special thanks to the main organiser Eva Berlaus of Sorainen Latvija.

Originally published at on November 20, 2019.

Ultimately, we’re on the bleeding edge here. This is a good sign of momentum, processes and best practices and successful issuances are happening in Europe. It certainly seems like there are many that are meant to be upcoming and, of course, we expect that to exponentially grow.

We’ve been in…


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